High Quality Standard

At HB-Therm, we have long been pursuing the vision of maintenance-free temperature control units. We have therefore systematically analysed component failures and searched for new solutions to avoid typical problems. This has led to the development of the unique technical features of HB-Therm units:

  • Tankless system with minimum circulation volume and extremely short heating and cooling times
  • Closed system without oxygen contact with efficient automatic deaeration
  • Heating elements without direct contact to the heat transfer medium ► lifetime warranty on the heater
  • Low-scaling and pressure-shock free cooling with bypass and proportional valve
  • Highly accurate and maintenance-free ultrasonic flow meter
  • Active regulation of pressure to prevent cavitation
  • Solely non-corroding materials in the hydraulic circuit
  • Sealless pump in stainless steel

Lifetime warranty on the heater

We have full confidence in the technological edge of our products. For this reason – we are the only temperature control unit manufacturer worldwide to do so – we offer our customers a lifetime guarantee on the heater of our Thermo-5 temperature control units. We will replace any heating register that fails due to a defect. For more information, please refer to the warranty specifications.



Temperatur Control Technology

Theory and practice

We are happy to support schools and training centres by sharing our profound expertise and through comprehensive consulting. We draw on our experience of 50 years of development and training. We also make our temperature control technology available for training and research purposes.

Our unique compendium “Temperature Control Technology” intends to highlight the correlations and dependencies in industrial temperature control so as to increase the understanding of temperature control technology and to better understand its typical processes.

We support the following education and training institutions in the field of temperature control technology:

2021-09-28 bis 2021-09-29
2021-09-30 bis 2021-10-01
Lüdenscheid, Deutschland

KIMW Temperierung von Spritzgiesswerkzeugen

Dieses Seminar behandelt eingehend die Grundlagen und Auswirkungen richtig angewandter Temperiertechnik beim Spritzgiessen von Thermoplasten.

Customer service. Included.

With our sales and service network we can offer comprehensive expert advice and assistance in:

  • selecting the optimum temperature control process
  • design and the functionality of our equipment
  • electrical and hydraulic connections
  • specification of data interfaces
  • selection of the appropriate heat transfer medium
  • maintenance of the equipment


Our experts are always available to provide assistance for special requirements or applications, commissioning or operational training of your staff. On request, we can also arrange the service courses and trainings directly at your premises.
Spare parts will be shipped to you within 24 hours.