Switching Unit Vario-5

Special challenges in injection moulding cannot be overcome with classical mould temperature control. The solution is a variothermal control: High temperature during injection, cold temperature in the cooling phase.

Together with two temperature control units, the Vario-5 forms a variothermal system according to the fluid-fluid technique. Alternatingly, it links either the hot or the cold unit to the same circuit. It is quite possible to use existing moulds if the temperature control channels are suitably arranged.

Vario-5 provides easy and quiet operation. It supports the user in determining the optimum settings.

Applications of variothermal control:

  • Elimination of weld lines
  • Contour accuracy in the moulding of the finest structures
  • Optimal surface quality
  • Reduction of high injection pressures
  • Reduction of sink marks

Improved temperature control

  • Short heating up and cooling down times
  • Optimize cycle time and quality

Smaller heating and cooling power requirement

  • Buffer volume for energy-saving operation

Variothermal system with standard temperature control units

  • Cost friendly concept
  • Use of existing temperature control units
  • Multiple use of the units, also for standard applications
  • Small, squeezes into almost everywhere

Fully automated process monitoring

Highly accurate process management

  • Switching procedures are monitored

Variothermal system with standard temperature control units

  • Much experience with proven systems

Simple operation

  • Clever wizards determine setpoint temperatures, delays and switching times
  • Freely selectable control mode

Convenient functions

  • Recording of data via USB and analysis in Excel


  • No pressure shocks
  • Without compressed air

Durable construction

  • Solely non-corroding materials in the hydraulic circuit
  • Switching without pressure shocks

Improved protection for the mould

  • Closed system without oxygen contact
  • Avoids steam, scaling and corrosion

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