Temperature Control Units Thermo-5

Regulated mould temperatures are essential for plastics injection moulding.

Temperature control units regulate mould temperatures through a liquid heat carrier by controlled inducing or dissipating of heat.

Thermo-5 units provide efficient and reliable operation and are used to control temperatures in injection moulding or similar processes.

Highly accurate temperature control

  • ±0,1 kelvin with self-optimizing regulation
  • Calibration of temperature, pressure and flow rate measurement
  • Quality inspection certificate

Short heating and cooling times

  • The tankless system tempers only as much heat carrier as necessary

Uses lower heating and cooling energy

  • Minimal circulation volume requires less power
  • Clever cooling concept reduces loss

Energy efficient pump

  • Eco-pump , energy savings by variable speed pump

Multiple usage

  • Small, squeezes into almost everywhere

Fully automated process monitoring

  • Continuous monitoring of temperature, flow and pressure
  • Highly accurate ultrasonic flow rate measurement
  • Detection of hose ruptures and leaks
  • Pump status is monitored

Simple operation

  • Well-arranged menus in 21 languages
  • Intuitive navigation
  • On-the-spot instructions at the push of a button
  • Draws attention only when necessary

Bright display

  • Easily legible with high contrast
  • Free choice of display windows and values

Convenient functions

  • Fully automated mould cooling and evacuation
  • Recording of data via USB and analysis in Excel
  • Store function for mould-specific parameters
  • Control also via the machine

Durable construction

  • Solely non-corroding materials in the hydraulic circuit
  • Heating elements without direct contact to the heat transfer medium ► lifetime warranty on the heater
  • Bypass and proportional valve result in vaporisation-free cooling without scaling
  • Sealless pump in stainless steel

Improved protection for the mould

  • Closed system with no oxygen contact
  • Completely automatic purging of air
  • Active regulation of pressure – only as much as necessary

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