Cleaning Unit Clean-5

Aside from reducing flow, impurities lead to a degradation in heat transfer, and thus to a deterioration in performance.

Clean-5 removes corrosion and scale in moulds, temperature control units and hoses, and provides extended protection in storage.

It offers easy and ecological operation, prompts the user to add the respective amounts of agent, and then automatically continues its work.

For channels to become nicely clean

  • Perfect heat transfer between medium and mould
  • Precise temperature control
  • Less component failures

Cleans, rinses and conserves

  • Intensive cleaning with automatic flow reversal
  • Multiple rinsing with automated filling and draining
  • Removes corrosion and scale in the mould

Efficient operation

  • Cleans only as long as necessary
  • Uses only as little agent as necessary

Allows use without prior knowledge

  • Interactive user guidance
  • No confusion of agents

Easy on the environment

  • Neutralises the cleaning liquid before draining

Simple operation

  • Well-arranged menus in 21 languages
  • Intuitive navigation
  • On-the-spot instructions at the push of a button

Bright display

  • Easily legible with high contrast
  • Free choice of display windows and values

Convenient functions

  • Calculates the exact amounts of the required agents
  • Integrated logbook tracks the cleaning process
  • Easy front-side sampling
  • Recording of data via USB and analysis in Excel

Durable construction

  • Solely non-corroding materials in the hydraulic circuit
  • Sealless pump in stainless steel
  • Medium-separated ultrasonic fill-level measurement

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