HB-Therm rocks the Fakuma 2017

Customers, suppliers and friends of HB-Therm celebrated the company's 50th anniversary.

HB-Therm at Fakuma, Hall A4 - 4205

Thermo-5 temperature control unit line from HB-Therm to be extended

50 Years HB-Therm

HB-Therm achieved a new record with the participation of around half of the company’s total staff.

2019-02-15 bis 2019-02-15
2019-02-28 bis 2019-03-04
New Delhi, India

Indiaplast 2019

2019-03-12 bis 2019-03-15
Johannesburg, South Africa

Propak 2019

2019-03-12 bis 2019-03-16
Seoul, Korea


2019-03-13 bis 2019-03-16
Lossburg, Germany

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