Lifetime warranty on heating registers

On the Safe Side with HB-Therm

Flow meters ensure parallel mould temperature control

Flow-5s dependably and continuously monitor parallel media circuits

To ensure channels stay truly clean

Treat-5 for system water supply

2021-09-07 bis 2021-09-09
Rheda-Wiedenbrück, Germany

Kuteno 2021

2021-09-14 bis 2021-09-18
Barcelona, Spain

Equiplast 2021

2021-09-15 bis 2021-09-16
Veldhoven, Netherlands

Kunststoffen 2021

2021-09-28 bis 2021-09-30
Birmingham, United Kingdom

Interplas 2021

2021-10-12 bis 2021-10-16
Friedrichshafen, Germany

Fakuma 2021 - Halle A4, Stand 4205

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