Enhanced part quality under an optimized cycle time

Enhanced part quality under an optimized cycle time


Variothermal control with Vario-5

In the injection moulding process, the variothermal alternative to the customary form of temperature control is primarily used to raise both the component quality and optimize the cycle time. A high injection moulding temperature and cold temperatures during the cooling phase permit weld lines to be reliably stopped, the finest of structures to be formed in an accurate contour fashion, an optimum surface quality to be achieved and sink marks to be reduced.

Together with two temperature control units, the Vario-5 switching unit represents a variothermal system based on the fluid/fluid process. It alternately connects the hot and cold unit with the same temperature control circuit. Existing moulds can be used given an appropriate arrangement of the temperature control channels.

The use of two standard temperature control units as envisaged under the HB-Therm solution not only reduces system purchasing costs but also provides a benefit in that the units can be flexibly deployed for other temperature control functions. As such the knowledge from working with the tried-and-tested systems can also be incorporated into the variothermal control.

The Vario-5 operates silently and precisely without compressed air or pressure shocks. As it comes with an integrated energy storage system as standard, switchover losses are minimised. Thanks to its compact hydraulic modules, the Vario-5 switching unit takes up very little space. On account of its fibre-free insulation, wear-resistant casters and high-gloss paint finish, the unit can also be installed in the clean room.


Precise, powerful and efficient

The Vario-5 benefits include both a highly accurate process control and an energy-saving operation brought about by monitored switching operations and an installed energy buffer, respectively. As usual with other products at HB-Therm, the process is 100 % automatically monitored and the hydraulic circuit consists of corrosion-resistant materials. The enclosed system with no oxygen contact preventing steam, scale and corrosion ensures that the mould is fully protected.


Simply smart!

Clever wizards establish setpoint temperatures as well as delay and operating times. The triggering is freely selectable. The units operate simply and quietly. The USB data recording function and Excel data evaluation have proved to be very useful.