Cleanses, flushes and conserves

Cleanses, flushes and conserves


Clean-5 removes corrosion and scaling in moulds, temperature control units and pipes and provides extended protection in the storage.

Very much concentrated upon is both a high degree of process safety and a longer service life of all temperature control circuit components. The idea is for the transfer of heat between medium and mould to remain optimal, temperature to be exactly controlled and for the circuits to operate without any clogging. Moreover, removal of corrosion and lime-scale in the mould extends both its shelf and service life – with considerably fewer production losses resulting.


Clear overview across the entire operating sequence

Operating the Clean-5 unit is simple, intelligent and convenient. The menu is in 21 different languages; navigation is intuitive. Display windows and values are selectable. At the touch of a button a cohesive instruction appears on the highly contrasted colour display.

Other comfortable functions include the interactive user guide permitting the utilisation without any prior knowledge, an exact calculation of the cleanser quantities needed for a cleaning operation, an automatic request to the user to supply these agents, an integrated log book for logging the course of cleansing, simple frontside sampling and recording of all data via a USB connection and its Excel-based evaluation.


Cleansing, neutralising, rinsing and conserving in one automatic operating sequence

Efficient cleansing, thorough neutralisation, rinsing and subsequent conservation result in sustained protection of all the surfaces treated. Clean-5 operates as follows: An automatic flow inversion firstly ensures that all deposits in the tempering channels are effectively and thoroughly detached. The cleaning process is fully monitored, and the circuit is emptied as soon as no further improvement is made. Cleansing is followed by neutralisation, pre-conservation, rinsing and conservation. Filling and emptying are fully automated. The last phase sees conservation agents being added to the cleaned surfaces for their protection. Automatic flow inversion again ensures the required degree of thoroughness here for corrosion-free mould storage. The unit is environmentally sound thanks to optimum consumption at all times of the agents used and neutralisation of the cleaning liquid before it is drained.


Fully automatic process monitoring

The design of Clean-5 is designed to function for a preferably long time and to the exclusion of any maintenance. The entire hydraulic circuit is made of corrosion-resistant materials; the stainless steel pump features no seals. The cleaning is monitored fully automatically in a user friendly manner. The Clean-5 unit standard for effective and extremely user-friendly cleaning and conserving of temperature control circuits.